Re: Sequentially processing XSL on an XML-File

Subject: Re: Sequentially processing XSL on an XML-File
From: Yunus Karakaya <blackrock@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 00:18:30 +0100

Jeni kindly helped me out:

> > 2. I created a dtd for generating an xml-file, that should contain some
> > functionality data to do some kind of processing in an xml-file (i.e. tag
> > identifiers, what has to be done, how etc.). I want to include this data in a
> > style sheet. How can I do that?
> I'm not exactly sure what you mean by this.

> Or do you mean that you've created a language for specifying how to
> transform the source XML into the final output XML that you want, and
> that you have a file with that specification in that you want the
> XSLT stylesheet to use to do the transformation?  If that's the case,
> you can access it through the document() function and then apply
> templates to it or whatever.  If this *is* what you're talking about,
> and you need specific help, you should probably post with more details
> about what you're trying to achieve with it.

Dear Jeni,

thank you very very much for your contribution. The above mentioned was, what I
meant. But the second question is of not much importance for the list-members. I
think, I will get that done.
But what you wrote, is of much help. Thanks again very much.


Yunus Karakaya

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