RE: XSLT Debugger

Subject: RE: XSLT Debugger
From: thebertj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Jerome Thebert)
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 17:28:23 +0000
At 03:43 23/11/00, Archie Russell wrote:

>xsl: who knows how long it'll be around, but what i've used works really
>- interpreted
>- easier than dealing with other tools [for most things]
>- this mailing list is great tech support
>disadvangates [my experiences]
>- can't write functions/procedures, system calls
>- can't access databases
>- can't do math

You should think as XSLT as a transforming language for XML 
data as is SQL for relational data . You don't do system calls 
or file management with SQL either, don't you ? 

XSLT is not a general programming language, neither
is SQL. It has it owns purpose which is too easily transform
XML, that's all. Once you understand that, you use other
tool to do general jobs on XML (Perl, Java, .. ) and XSLT for 
transformation which are tedious with general programming 

I see more XSLT as a filter. 

My 2 cents. 


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