Re: DTD, XML schema, RDF,RELAX which one

Subject: Re: DTD, XML schema, RDF,RELAX which one
From: Miloslav Nic <nicmila@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 15:28:50 +0100
Kay Michael wrote:

> By "validation using XSLT", I mean writing a stylesheet that produces <OK/>
> as its output if the input is valid, or a document containing error messages
> otherwise.
> Mike Kay

Or to use Schematron which produces stylesheets for you:

There is also very recent article at 
Validating XML with Schematron by Chimezie Ogbuji

Basically you write your requirements with Schematron (which is very
easy to learn) and then compile it with some implementation (e.g.
zvonSchematron.xsl) to another xslt stylesheet, which is then used for
actual validation.

I have now beta implementation of Schematron version 1.5 :

and reference draft at:

The implementation and reference will be officially published
with a new address in few weeks time. Please do not quote the current
url, it will disappear.

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