Alternating table row colors with recursion

Subject: Alternating table row colors with recursion
From: Srikanth Maddipati <smaddipa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 22:56:48 -0500 (EST)
I know there are plenty of response to how to make table rows alternate
but all the answers apply under the assumption that you are not changin
nodesets. My problem is i'm using recursion so my nodeset keeps changing.
Here is a piece of my code

<xsl:template match = "Message">
<xsl:apply-templates select = "//Message[ParentMessageID = '$MID']">

The template is initally applied only to those message elements with a
certain ID then the template outputs a row and a cell then applies the
template again recursively but only on those messgage nodes who' parent
node is the context node.

Now the problem is every time i call the template the node-set changes so
i can't use the position function.

Does anyone know how i can get teh rows to alternate colors?

I mean i could use javascript but that isn't good because someon who
disables javascript wouldn't have alternating table row colors.

Thanks for any help,


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