RE: Differences between IE5.5 and Netscape6

Subject: RE: Differences between IE5.5 and Netscape6
From: Ben Robb <Ben@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 09:55:47 -0000
Out of the box, IE5.5 supports MSXML 2.5, a parser that (sort of) conformed
to an early 1998 draft of the XSL spec (which, in the understatement of the
year, changed a bit before the final spec came out in Nov. 1999). MS have
now released a full new version (MSXML 3.0), downloadable from their
website, which will almost certainly be bundled with the next version of IE.
This is about as compliant as you can get... only SAXON really competes on

As far as I was aware, NS6 does not support XML or XSL natively in any shape
of form... it was one of the surprise omissions from the product. Correct me
if I'm wrong - I've not had time to look at the full release; but the final
beta certainly didn't.


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Subject: Differences between IE5.5 and Netscape6

Hi everybody

As I am  new in the XML world I am looking for some
I know that IE5.5 and Netscape6 can both understand
XML and XSL. Now I am trying to look for the
differences between this two navigators and the W3
Where can I found this kind of information?
What can they do and what they can not?

Thanks for help


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