RE: Alternating table row colors with recursion

Subject: RE: Alternating table row colors with recursion
From: "Clapham, Paul" <pclapham@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 08:39:54 -0800
>I know there are plenty of response to how to make table rows alternate
>but all the answers apply under the assumption that you are not changin
>nodesets. My problem is i'm using recursion so my nodeset keeps changing.


>Does anyone know how i can get teh rows to alternate colors?
>I mean i could use javascript but that isn't good because someon who
>disables javascript wouldn't have alternating table row colors.

As far as I can see, to make your rows alternate colours you need some
function that says "This row I am outputting now is row N" (so you can
colour based on N mod 2), and this function must be based on your inputs.
Recursion doesn't necessarily make this impossible but your situation
doesn't sound hopeful; I've given up on a similar case where my normal rows,
which I can count, have group headers interspersed which mess up the count.

Your alternative is to post-process your output.  Javascript is one option,
but another is to output an intermediate XML document and to transform it
using a second XSL document that adds the row colour information.

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