for-each vs. apply-templates (was: Conformance of iXSLT ?)

Subject: for-each vs. apply-templates (was: Conformance of iXSLT ?)
From: Paul Terray <terray@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 16:01:28 +0000
At 13:29 29/11/00 +0000, you wrote:
Well if the specifcation is to do exactly that, then no. but what I
think you want to do is count all figures with a caption if you
are currently at a figure, and similarly for tables,
which would be

level="any" count="figure[caption]"

in the template for figure and

level="any" count="table[caption]"

in the template for table.

But not knowing the whole problem there may be some reason why that is
not appropriate in your case.

Actually, I am inside a reference element, and I have to show the table/figure number. I am here inside a <xsl:for-each> loop.

Which get me to the point : is it better to apply to an element by an apply-template, or choose it with for-each and then apply something to it ?

What are the pros and cons ?

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