Re: [xsl] RDDL as a delivery vehicle for XSLT extensions?

Subject: Re: [xsl] RDDL as a delivery vehicle for XSLT extensions?
From: "Steve Muench" <Steve.Muench@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 07:54:28 -0800

|  name="a-language-independent-uri-that-refers-to-functionality">
|  <xbind:function name="format">
|    <xbind:param  name="date"   type="string" />
|    <xbind:param  name="format" type="string" />
|    <xbind:return type="string" />
|    <xbind:comment>
|       This function formats a date in ISO 8601 
|       according to the format string.
|    </xbind:comment>
|    <xbind:implementation 
|       language="java" 
|       package="java:com.example.datestuff.DateRoutines#format"
|    />
|    <xbind:implementation language="javascript">
|      ...
|    </xbind>
|  </xbind:function>

The proposal above is identical to <xsl:script> except
for the fact that your more formally defining the functions
and returns.

Imagine for a moment that <xsl:script> were named
<xsl:library> instead, but went otherwise unchanged.

You then have:
<xsl:stylesheet xmlns:foo="a-language-independent-uri-that-refers-to-functionality">

  <xsl:library implements-prefix="foo" language="XXX" src="uri"/>
  <xsl:library implements-prefix="foo" language="YYY" src="uri"/>


Modulo the additional info about args and return types, 
see your <xbind:module> plus multiple <xbind:implementation>
children as isomorphic to the sample number of <xsl:library>
elements. They both have "a-language-independent-uri-that-
refers-to-functionality". They both list multiple implementations
of that functionality.

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