Re: [xsl] re: generation of qnames/prefixes in content and value [was xbind:module....]

Subject: Re: [xsl] re: generation of qnames/prefixes in content and value [was xbind:module....]
From: "Steve Muench" <Steve.Muench@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2001 16:15:50 -0800
| From: "Clark C. Evans" <cce@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
| > Can we get into esoterics here?  Just a wee bit ago, on the xml-dev
| > list, Curt Arnold stated that the inability to assign specific
| > prefixes in XSLT would prevent usage of an implements-prefix
| > within SVG's script element.   I scanned the 1.1 WD and did not
| > see where the new specification has addressed this difficulty.
| >
| > Without the ability to specify prefixes, then an XSLT stylesheet
| > which generates an XSLT stylesheet will be unable to declare
| > script items.  Right?   Or am I missing something again?
| Actually, as far I can tell, it would also prevent the generation of any XML
| application that used qualified names in contexts other than tag or
| attribute names.  For example, XML Schema uses attribute values containing
| QNames to refer to types or elements defined in other schemas (for example,
| base="xsd:double") and XSLT 1.1 uses QNames to refer to extension behavior
| in expressions (i.e. ="{date:format(@date)}"

See #1.5 about QName-aware string functions.

Also, isn't the prefix completely irrelevant as long as
the prefix that the XSLT processor generates resolves to
the same namespace URI that you are talking about?

That is, it should not matter if the XSLT processor 
spits out "ns00123:integer" instead of "xsd:integer"
as long as the prefix "ns00123" is mapped in scope
to the same namespace URI that the convential "xsd"
prefix is mapped to, right?

Seems like it would only matter if you were processing
the output stylesheet with non-XML-Namespaces-aware tools
(like awk, perhaps) that were specifically scanning for 
a hard-coded "xsd:".

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