RE: [xsl] New line characters to </br> element.

Subject: RE: [xsl] New line characters to </br> element.
From: "Manjul Sahay" <manjuls@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2001 11:17:21 +0530
Are you transforming xsl to html ? Interesting !

Or are you using xsl to transform to html. In this case you can use <br/> in
output . However, per se you cant read newline charcters from xml file and
transform them to <br/>.

I am sorry but I couldnt exactly figure out your problem.



Manjul Sahay
the EDUJINI group
 ( manjuls@xxxxxxxxxxx )

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I have problem with displaying of text, which contain new line characters,
when I transcode XSL to HTML. I guess that it is more problem of HTM than of
XSL. So, HTML cuts these characters and represent theme as a space. But, I
think, that there could by some way how to translate newline characters to
for example </br> element. Is there any way? Or, does anybody know any other

I forgot, I also try to use <pre> html element, but if text doesn't contain
newline characters, it expands page and it isn't wrapped.

I know that it is probably more problem of HTML, but I hope anybody can help
me. Thanks.



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