[xsl] XSL,Javascript, NS 4.x

Subject: [xsl] XSL,Javascript, NS 4.x
From: "Rush, Marc" <mrush@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2001 11:02:53 -0600
I have a script embedded in the body of the document before any xsl tags
that is not being rendered correctly in NS4.x.  The Script tag is set up
properly as is the CDATA element.  Everything seems correct and does
work in IE and NS6.  When I view source on the final rendered HTML page
it does not show the script at all after the body tag. It renders a
document.write command from within the script but nothing else.  I am
assuming this is some weird XSL problem with NS.  Any help with this is
greatly appreciated.



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