[xsl] Re: MacOS and FOP

Subject: [xsl] Re: MacOS and FOP
From: Arved Sandstrom <Arved_37@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2001 07:40:09 -0400
Barry Workamn writes:

> I have been asked by a colleague about running FOP (any build after 0.14)
> on a Mac. I am absolutely lost in Mac land. can anyone offer a reference,
> a personal experience..?

We have had no recent reports about success or failure on MacOS, so I cannot 
provide an authoritative answer. However, here's what I can reliably surmise.
I'm assuming that MacOS Java has not yet, in fact, moved ahead to JDK 1.2+.

Early versions of FOP worked as is with the MRJ.

FOP provides a JDK1.1 build target that is maintained reasonably well by 
developers that need it to work. This is because FOP has moved on with the 
progress of the JDK. There is FOP functionality available that a person 
using JDK 1.1 simply won't get, but it's non-essential stuff. In any case, a 
Mac user will want to build an MRJ executable that matches this build target.

I use the term "build target" deliberately, because that will be the other 
hitch. Since testing FOP on Macs we have migrated our build over to Ant. I 
don't think this is necessarily a showstopper, but some work might be 
involved in taking the current build script and making sure it works with an 
Ant version that itself works on MacOS. Failing that, you'd have to run an 
XSLT processor separately to generate some source files, and then set up a 
Codewarrior for Java on MacOS project for the build, guided by the Ant 
jdk1.1 build target.

If there is enough interest in producing a Mac binary I can get hold of a 
newer Mac than the one I have and do it up.

Arved Sandstrom

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