Re: [xsl] dash

Subject: Re: [xsl] dash
From: YueMa <may@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 14:58:36 -0500
Thanks David!

> > And this is not a question, when I view the &#x2013; with Netscape on Solaris,
> > I can not see the correct dash but a question mark if I set character set as
> > UTF-8.
> Netscape needs the decimal version &#8211; (a deficiency in netscape)

Actually I used the &#8211; in my file and the Netscape can not give me the dash
when I use UTF-8.
Maybe that's a bug in Netscape, or regarding to your second point as following....

> > Both &#150; and &#8211; just work fine for character set ISO-8859-1
> > And I'm just wondering how many people really use UTF-8 for their browser.....
> > :-)
> that's a bug in whatever system you are using. in HTML 4 and in XML the
> &#...; notation _always_ refers to the unicode number. The encoding of
> the document is immaterial: that's the whole point, you can use &# to
> access characters that are _not_ in the character encoding of the
> document.


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