RE: [xsl] Null Values

Subject: RE: [xsl] Null Values
From: Edmund Mitchell <EMitchell@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 12:06:29 -0800

There is no standard XSLT function to do this.  You might want to have a
look at and see about their work along these lines.
In XSLT, you'd have to do something like:
<xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl="";
<xsl:template match="/">
   <xsl:for-each select='//*[string(normalize-space(.))]'>
      <xsl:copy-of select='.'/>

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From: Lawrence Pravin [mailto:pravinl@xxxxxxxxxxx]

My requirement is to remove tag names when I convert from one xml to another

xml, if there is no data.



Is there any general method to do this, instead of checking node by node.

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