RE: [xsl] Latest XSLTMark benchmark

Subject: RE: [xsl] Latest XSLTMark benchmark
From: "Kevin Jones" <kjouk@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 15:37:45 +0100
>> for some of the tests. To give Java processors a chance to warm
>up I think
>> you should really do some un-timed runs followed by some timed ones where
>> runs is significantly >10.
>Good idea... So good that the current version already does that!
>Here is what XSLTMark 2.0 prints out when running with XT.
>dummy initialization run:
>xslbench3:          xslbench3.xsl       xslbenchdream.xml   ... done in

This is clearly better than none at all but I doubt its enough for
technologies like Hotspot to really get to grips with a particular
stylesheet. The advise I got was to run *each* test at least 100 times
before starting timing to get maximum Java speed.

There also appears to be a difference depending on if/how the processor
implements output indenting. I just got some better scores by making
indenting the default as apposed to no indenting. I guess the stylesheets
could just be set to turn this off.


p.s. I had a problem with dgnorm on my Win2k box. The distributed one just
kept crashing but if built manually it was ok.

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