Re: Q: Relative paths in xsl:import Was: [xsl] Parameter in "xsl:include"

Subject: Re: Q: Relative paths in xsl:import Was: [xsl] Parameter in "xsl:include"
From: Teppo Peltonen <teppo.peltonen@xxxxxx>
Date: 03 Apr 2001 14:35:23 +0300
Peter Flynn <peter@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Not only that, but a programming language can write a file of code
> in its own or another language, place a call to the OS which will
> ...

;-) Very funny. Let me rephrase: It is a common practise in Java
programs to dynamically load executable code based on runtime
information. How about that? However, don't ask me how "common
practise" is defined...  

> *ought* to be used. If I give "foo/bar" as a href value, I mean "foo
> as a subdirectory of whatever directory you happen to be executing
> in".

Yep, and the problem which I thought I had was that I didn't know
where I was. But as Mike Kay said in the other reply,

|The relative URI is interpreted relative to the stylesheet location, not
|relative to the current working directory.

So, I suppose it should work, if the style sheet compiler gets access
to the URL of the original style sheet and not some input stream
abstraction, a DOM tree or whatever.

How is a relative location interpreted if the location of the original
style sheet is unknown? Well, maybe I don't need to know that... just
thinking aloud.

Thank you very much for your help, 


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