RE: [xsl] SVG vs VML

Subject: RE: [xsl] SVG vs VML
From: "Max Dunn" <maxdunn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2001 00:15:53 -0700
Use SVG.  It is fantastic for graphs.

The only possible advantage of VML would be if you want to do something
specifically with Microsoft Office products, it has a close connection to
these applications.  One could argue that VML has a larger installed viewer
base than SVG, but this is extremely temporary.  Perhaps if for example
everyone in your company has Powerpoint and your IT department thinks the
Adobe Viewer is dangerous and won't allow Java, that is one of the few
situations in which I would imagine VML to be relevant.

SVG is the future for the visual display of quantitative information.  It is
an open standard and it's overkill for graphs, it could accomplish anything
you could ever imagine with graphs and anyone could view it using the (free)
Batik or Adobe Viewers, as well as an increasing array of other

Let me know if you ever master the XSLT/SVG bit, though, I'm VERY curious
about this subject.  I have so far found it faster for charts to simply spit
out data from a database and with the JSP, ASP, or Javascript put variables
from a database into the SVG or do things conditionally with the SVG based
on these variables.  Not elegant but it's fast, I think viewers are still
working on their DOM implementations, too.  Over time though, I believe
XSLT/SVG will become the norm.

SVG is a true success story of XML.


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I would like to know which to work with either SVG or VML. the pros and
cons. I am working on JSP and want to use xml and xsl for drawing graphs but
can't make up my mind and which to use.



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