RE: [xsl] Handling &nbsp

Subject: RE: [xsl] Handling &nbsp
From: "Chris Bayes" <Chris@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2001 06:44:48 +0100
>I suppose it would be too naive to ask why you'd want either
><p></p>This is some paragraph text
><p>&nbsp;</p>This is some paragraph text
>rather than
><p>This is some paragraph text</p>

Well you obviously don't want the second. The way fp1 worked/s was that if
you hit enter then it inserted <p></p> and if you hit shift enter it
inserted a <br>

I guess a lot of people used enter (<p></p>) to create space. On complex
pages it was then difficult to go back into that space with your cursor to
type text. You could end up with "<p></p>This is some paragraph text".
Guessing again that some bright spark decided to use the <td> default
behaviour to stick an &nbsp; in there for <p>. Also it gives a different
look when highlighted. You can't get this with FP2000 even if you turn off
reformatting but FP1 was pretty dodgy to say the least.

Ciao Chris

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