[xsl] compare date value with 2 other ones

Subject: [xsl] compare date value with 2 other ones
From: Kristof Bernaert <kbernaert@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2001 11:14:29 +0200
Take the current date with this format: 05/04/2001

i have this xml with some news-blocks

<block startdate="03/04/2001" endddate="06/04/2001" id="1">news 1</block>
<block startdate="05/04/2001" endddate="10/04/2001" id="2">news 2</block>

I have an extern xml-file (current_date.xml, in same root of other *.xml)
that contains always current date like this

now, in xsl i want only view the newsblocks where currentdate is between the
start- and enddate.

<xsl:for-each select="news/block[@startdate =>
document(current_date.xml)/current_date and @enddate =<

of course, this isn't working, because:

How have i to handle the date ? to compare correctly the day, month and year


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