RE: [xsl] XSL vs. JSP

Subject: RE: [xsl] XSL vs. JSP
From: Nick Vincent <Nick@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2001 10:48:09 +0100
We're currently developing a product which uses form and actions and all
kinds of things liek that.

The approach we took was to create our own internal XML syntax for
describing pages, forms, actions, content etc... and then we created JSPs
using this markup.  The JSPs are included in the DOM as we process, and then
at the last stage we convert the internal markup language into HTML using
XSL, which seems to work very nicely, and gives you a great deal of


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> Subject: Re: [xsl] XSL vs. JSP
> I've tried generating forms with XML using JSP and
> have had a miserable time with it.
> I've had similar problems with "web forms" in
> .NET.
> The problem is these environments try to make
> life easier on the developer by supporting a 
> syntax that automatically binds form elements to JSP
> variables when the form is submitted.  Unfortunately
> with the products I used (ATG Dynamo, ASP.NET, for
> instance), the binding syntax is actually used to
> generate code.  This code generation step is
> slow and is not meant to run more than, say, once
> an hour.  But by generating forms on the
> fly I needed to run the compiler once per
> page view.  For high traffic sites this
> does not work.
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> Subject: [xsl] XSL vs. JSP
> To build web-based forms using HTML, which is better -
> a) JSP + XML
> or
> b) XSL + XML
> We are currently arguing this issue at our company. We are 
> still not sure
> which would work better. Any insight is appreciated.
> -Ana
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