[xsl] SAXON limitation?

Subject: [xsl] SAXON limitation?
From: mjyoungblut@xxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2001 07:26:29 -0500
Hello.  I am trying to run an XSL over a 7.5 MB XML file.  If I run the XSL
over the whole thing using Instant SAXON, I get the following error:

     Fatal error reported by XML parser: unsupported five or six byte UTF-8
sequence(character code: 0x92)
       Line:   -1
       Column: 4308708
     Transform failed:  unsupported five or six byte UTF-8 sequence
(character code:0x92)

But if I break up the XML into a couple of pieces, both parts run
successfully.  Is there a file size limitation?  When I run this using
SAXON in Java, I get a TRaXException, but if I break up the size of that
file, it works successfully as well.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Matt Youngblut

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