RE: [xsl] MSXML, xsl:copy, XML Output and BR tags.

Subject: RE: [xsl] MSXML, xsl:copy, XML Output and BR tags.
From: "Paul Hammond" <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2001 09:18:53 +0100
Another good idea, but this still does not work.

I think this a feature of the <xsl:copy> element - if i just put a <br /> in
the XSL file it comes out just as expected.  It seems to be that if you
<xsl:copy /> any element that is in the form <blah />, the output tree
contains <blah></blah>.

Is there perhaps an XSL element that I can set options in to prevent this?
Or is this just a feature of MSXML3 I will have to work around??  The
original MSXML object did not do this - it just left empty tags in the short

I would have thought <tag /> would be considered "better XML" then
<tag></tag> (IMHO)...

Thanks again in advance of your answers!

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There's always the old trick of stuffing a dummy attribute in to force the

<br class="br"/>

Would that do it, Paul?


At 05:22 PM 4/5/01, Francis wrote:
>Paul Hammond wrote:
> >
> > I tried this and it worked just fine, but as I said in my mail I really
> need
> > the output in X(HT)ML!
> >
>So you did - right there in the title.
> > Any other ideas??
> >
>Um, not off the top of my head. Sorry.

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