[xsl] determine node position

Subject: [xsl] determine node position
From: Kristof Bernaert <kbernaert@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2001 15:15:37 +0200

with the value of an attribute i'm trying to determine the node position
number of the one element that contains that specific attribute value.

I tried already anything like this:

<xsl:when test="News/NewsBlock[@LABEL = '4']"><xsl:value-of

but in this case i get always node position 1.
how to determine the position towards the whole node-set ?

<item ID="monday"/>
<item ID="thuesday"/>
<item ID="wednesday"/>
<item ID="thursday"/>
<item ID="friday"/>
<item ID="saterday"/>
<item ID="sunday"/>

I want to now for example on which node position <item ID="thursday"/> is.

thx, kb

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