[xsl] Converting an attribute value into an XML fragment

Subject: [xsl] Converting an attribute value into an XML fragment
From: "Joel P Thornton" <joelt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 11:14:30 -0700
I am trying to convert the value of an attribute into an XML fragment in
XSL.  Here is what my XML looks like:

    value="&lt;section header=&quot;no&quot;&gt;Testing

So, when converted into an XML fragment, row/@value should look like this:

  <section header="no">Testing testing</section>introhunk<br/>blah

And I would like to have my XSL transform this <row> into something like
this in the XML result tree:

  <item title="XMLContent">
    <section header="no">
      Testing testing

I am doing this so I can store XML fragments in a db table, then have those
fragments be merged into the XML result tree of an XML document that
contains references to records within that table.  [Note the choice of an
<item> tag is just for demonstration above.]

Any ideas on how to make this happen?

Thanks ..


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