[xsl] Re:Confusion about preceding-sibling axis

Subject: [xsl] Re:Confusion about preceding-sibling axis
From: "Yang" <sfyang@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 14:24:26 +0800
Hi,  Jeni,

When I follow your solution example,
I have to use msxsl:node-set  in the for-each element

    <xsl:for-each select="exsl:node-set($item_list)">.

However to get a resonable output,  I have to  add ** /item**  to the
node-set function ,  i.e.,

    <xsl:for-each select="msxsl:node-set($item_list)/item">

Is it  the difference between using exsl and  RTF node-set function?


Sun-fu Yang


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