RE: [xsl] passing params using asp into wml

Subject: RE: [xsl] passing params using asp into wml
From: "Chris Bayes" <Chris@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 09:30:47 +0100
>Im still struggling to setup searching in wml.  A user selects a
>link from a
>page of wml, which sends a parameter to some asp.  The asp then passes the
>parameter to a stylesheet using ixslprocessor (I think :-)  The error Im
>getting is:
>'The parameter is incorrect' line 11 searchwml.asp

It's difficult to tell which is line 11 but I think your problem is
processor.input = xml
You haven't defined xml anywhere by the look of it.
>I do something very similar for searching xml on the client side, which
>works, but uses msxml v3 objects.  The host Im using reckons they have
>installed msxml3, but if I use version specific prog ids, nothing works at

I think they must have or you would get errors before line 11.
You could use my sniffer code from
with a couple of mods on the server side just to check i.e.
sniffer.msxml2v30.checked = true;
sniffer_msxml2v30_checked = true;
<input type="checkbox" name="msxml" value="ON" disabled>
<input type="checkbox" name="msxml" value="ON" disabled

Ciao Chris

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