[xsl] Un-escape and re-transform

Subject: [xsl] Un-escape and re-transform
From: Bas Alberts <bas.alberts@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 15:54:46 +0200
Hi All

My Content Provider delivers XML files with partially escaped HTML tags, for
                &lt;P>This is text.&lt;/P>
                &lt;P>This is more text.&lt;/P>

My quest is to replace the "&lt;" by the un-escaped "<" character, and then
redo the XSLT for that <P>...</P> bit. I already prepared the template(s)
for <xsl:for-each select="P">.

My guess is, that I can use JavaScript's unescape() function to produce the
"<" and use "<xsl:apply-templates>" to redo the XSLT. But, I have no idea
how to put it all together. Also, I have the suspicion that there shouldn't
be any scripting required at all...?

Can you help me?

Bas Alberts

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