[xsl] Antenna House releases a new version of "XSL Formatter"

Subject: [xsl] Antenna House releases a new version of "XSL Formatter"
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Subject: Antenna House releases a new version of "XSL Formatter"
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Dear list subscribers, 

Antenna House starts to distribute the evaluation of "Antenna House XSL 
Formatter" an XML based document formatting and printing software. 
The evaluation version of new XSL Formatter V1.1E, is available free 
of charge at its English website, <http://www.antennahouse.com/>.

It is comprised of an XSL-FO processor and three interface modules. 
The XSL-FO processor, an ActiveX control for Windows, is based on Extensible 
Stylesheet Language (XSL) version 1.0 W3C Candidate Recommendation. It 
supports all Unicode characters and mixed writing-modes (e.g. "tb-rl" for 

The interface modules include a GUI, and Antenna House added two types of 
interface, COM interface and command line interface. 

New features of V1.1E
(1) V1.1E supports stylesheets defined in XML documents. If you include PI 
like <?xml-stylesheet href="sample1.xsl" type="text/xml"?>, the defined 
stylesheet will be used automatically. 

(2) V1.1E will automatically change output paper according to the size that 
is defined in the stylesheet. You can disable this function, in page setup 
in the formatting option. 

(3) Two new types of interface are COM interface and command line interface. 
These new modules make it easy to integrate the XSL-FO processor into 
applications, or to use it from scripts such as VBScript. 

(4) V1.1E offers number of improvements such as:
 - support for keep-together
 - support for border-after-precedance, border-before-precedance, border-
   end-precedance, border-start-precedance
 - support for page-break-inside
 - support for conflict-resolution on borders in collapse
 - etc.

Antenna House is an independent Japanese software company. Now the company
sells XSL-FO processor to oversea OEMs with individual contract, and aims 
to introduce "XSL Formatter" into the worldwide market in the near future.

Contact: <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Antenna House, Inc.

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