[xsl] preceding/following sibling & XSL

Subject: [xsl] preceding/following sibling & XSL
From: "Mattio Valentino" <xmlhack@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 20:23:00 -0000
I'm new to the XML arena, so bear with me if I'm not asking the right question here. Using an XSL file, I'm trying to create links to other points in an XML document (ultimately, the data's displaying in HTML via JSP). The problem is that my code works only within the context node. The link should move from section to section, and the section elements appear within various chapters. The section to section part works, but once it reaches the end of a chapter, it won't move to the next chapter. Code snippets are below.

Any help/advice is *greatly* appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Mattio xmlhack@xxxxxxxxxxx

DTD snippet:
<!ELEMENT book (chapter*)>
 <!ELEMENT chapter (chapter-title,section*)>
 <!ATTLIST chapter number CDATA #REQUIRED>
   <!ELEMENT chapter-title (#PCDATA)>
   <!ELEMENT section (a-head*,b-head*,p*,document*)*>

XSL snippet(extra spaces to try and avoid errors in the email):
< xsl:for-each select="//section[@ID=$id]">
< a>
< xsl:attribute name="href">http://localhost:8080/xml/eyes.jsp?id=< xsl:value-of select="preceding-sibling::section[1]/@ID" /></xsl:attribute>
< xsl:attribute name="class">dark</xsl:attribute>
Previous Section</a>
< a>
< xsl:attribute name="href">http://localhost:8080/xml/eyes.jsp?id=< xsl:value-of select="following-sibling::section[1]/@ID" /></xsl:attribute>
< xsl:attribute name="class">dark</xsl:attribute>
Next Section</a>
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