[xsl] Manipulating xml using xsl and JSP Taglibs

Subject: [xsl] Manipulating xml using xsl and JSP Taglibs
From: "Java XML" <jaxlive@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 10:36:41 -0400
Hi Folks,
I just want to know weather there is a way to change an xml using JSP on the fly where the values of the xml elements or child or what ever are entered in a text box in the jsp and they are written into the xml.I want to do this because i have some configuration xml files and i want to change the paths and other stuff in the xml in a JSP page and not by changing it through a notepad.I tried it through the command line parameters of xsl but somehow i dont feel that that is the right method.
It would be great if i have any links to any examples ne help and suggestions are greatly appriciated.

Thanx in advance

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