RE: [xsl]XMLTag Names becoming titles in html

Subject: RE: [xsl]XMLTag Names becoming titles in html
From: "Sreeram" <hsreeram@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 18:55:40 +0530

Think of an XML in this format.

<description> Hello </description>
<author> J.Bloggs</author>
<temperature> 37 degrees</temperature>

I haven't been in touch wiht XML for past 3 months. So if there is any
syntactical error pls excuse.
Now one can loop through the elements by going through
"documentElement.childNodes.item(i)" where 'i' is the loop iterator.
Where ever the "documentElement.childNodes.item(i).nodeTypedValue" has got
some value retrieve the "documentElement.childNodes.item(i).nodeName"


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Subject: [xsl]XMLTag Names becoming titles in html

I am having the following xml:
<description> Hello </description>
<author> J.Bloggs</author>
<temperature> 37 degrees</temperature>

In my xsl:
I need some way of looping through the xml so that if there is content (e.g
Hello for description tag) to display the xml element tag's name (e.g
description) as a title in the html along with the content, otherwise
display nothing (as for the soil tag).


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