Re: [xsl] xml too big

Subject: Re: [xsl] xml too big
From: cagle@xxxxxxxxx (Kurt Cagle)
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 12:21:24 -0700
I can think of two ways to give you an approximation of "too big".  At the
level of the content, use string-length(string(.)) to get the number of text
characters that will occur. If it exceeds a certain threshhold (which you'll
have to determine via trial and error), then you can use XSLT to only
retrieve a portion of the contents through the use of predicate tests. You
could also do a count of elements directly (count(.//*) to get an idea about
how many nodes are involved.

-- Kurt
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Subject: [xsl] xml too big

> Hi!
> I've trasformed some files xml in wml using xsl and xalan.
> I'm working in a wap project so I have to check if the wml files that I
> generated are too big for the browser and if it is I have to divide the
> in 2 or more files.
> Is it possible do this with xsl?
> How I can do it?
> thank you in advance
> Silvia
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