[xsl] problem with <xsl:if>

Subject: [xsl] problem with <xsl:if>
From: "Jay Wright" <blueegg@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 12:52:14 -0700

I have an xml file that looks like this:

<addresslist edit="yes">

and xsl that matches addresslist, then loops through each address, and IF
the addresslist attribute edit equals "yes", then I'd like to add something.

<xsl:template match="addresslist">
	<b><xsl:value-of select="@name"/></b><br/>
	<xsl:for-each select="address">
		<xsl:value-of select="name"/>
		<xsl:if test="addresslist[@edit='yes']/address">
			...add something...

but I am not sure how to do the if test.  an example implies that I should
use double quotes ("), but cocoon doesn't seem to like that.  Could someone
help me with the test condition?


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