RE: [xsl] cooktop-tips

Subject: RE: [xsl] cooktop-tips
From: "Chris Bayes" <Chris@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 11:25:52 +0100

>could anyone help me with cooktop?
>The output often is one line, even if indent="yes";
>only after "format" it looks nice.
>But with large files (XMLspec); it says "line too
>long" and won't format it.

I just tried it and if i put this
<xsl:output method = "xml" indent="yes"  />
in the xsl at the top level it does indent.
i.e. >LF<
but I guess that they are using a rich text box for displaying in the result
pane which needs a CRLF for a line break.
You can play with space="preserve" to get round this
<svg xml:space="preserve">

>I often transform to .svg-files; in Spy I can just set
>the extension to .svg for the output, so that the
>internal IE will
>automatically treat it as SVG and display it.

Yes that is because IE understands the .svg extension on a file and loads
the adobe viewer. I guess Cooktop is loading the resulting xml/svg directly
into the "result(html)" pane which is probably the WebBrowser control.

>How to set the extension for viewing in cooktop? I
>don't want to save the result each time to write
>".svg" myself.

I requested this functionality a while ago but i guess it didn't get into

To save yourself some time you could add a new tool (Options/System
XML/Manage Tools) that does a convert and opens the result in a browser.
Just copy their \Program Files\Cooktop2200\tools\xsl2xslt\convert.js and add
a couple of lines to output to a .svg file and open it in IE.

You could raise these problems on the cooktop mailing list
To subscribe to the mailing list, simply send a message with the word
'subscribe' in the Subject: field to the -request address of that list

To: cooktop-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: subscribe

>How to I batch-convert many source-files?

There are many ways to do it. Have a look at dirTOxml and xmlTOftp on my
site. If you modify xmlTOftp to be a xmlTOsvg (a very easy thing to do) and
bolt the 2 together it will work.
I think saxon and xt have a way to recursivly transform many files.

Ciao Chris

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