Re: [xsl] text output with some significant white space

Subject: Re: [xsl] text output with some significant white space
From: "Steve Renshaw" <renshaw_steve@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 18:22:40 -0000
I am out putting text but other than kill the prolog, I havent
changed <xsl:output method>. So method="XML" it is. There simply
isn't any tags in the output. But it sort of begs the questions,
when do you use method="text"? My reading of method="text" would
lead me to beleive it's major function is to copy the values of text
nodes to the output. Doe's this mean <tag>content</tag> causes
"content" to go to the output? In my opinion, the method is so
propped up with defaults up xml/html output it is very difficult to figure out formatting for other purposes.
Also, it might help getting a better narrative on what <xsl:text/>
does. MK's book has a very capsule explanation. I am afraid I am
in the mode of getting it to work mode and will have to return
the deepeer understanding at a later time.

From: David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx>
To: renshaw_steve@xxxxxxxxxxx
CC: xsl-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [xsl] text output with some significant white space
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 18:24:10 +0100

> Using "saxon -o ..." givess
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

I thought you said you were outputting text not XML?
ie <xsl:output method="text"/>

But mainly it's because I misread the ! as insignificant carrage return.
so don't do

>**********<xsl:template match="foo">
>*************begin@<xsl:value-of select="name"/>@{!
>*************@@@<xsl:value-of select="body"/>!
>*=space in style sheet
>@=significant space to place in output
>!=significant carriage return to place in output
>           <xsl:template match="foo">
>              <xsl:text/>begin <xsl:value-of select="name"/> {<xsl:text/>
>              <xsl:text/>   <xsl:value-of select="body"/>
>              <xsl:text>   }</xsl:text>
>           </xsl:template>


           <xsl:template match="foo">
              <xsl:text/>begin <xsl:value-of select="name"/> {
<xsl:text/> <xsl:value-of select="body"/>
              <xsl:text>   }</xsl:text>


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