Re: [xsl] Using Xlink and XPointer with XSLT

Subject: Re: [xsl] Using Xlink and XPointer with XSLT
From: Daniel Veillard <Daniel.Veillard@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 16:27:51 +0200
On Fri, Apr 20, 2001 at 03:58:59PM +0200, Jens Schaefers wrote:
> Hello David,
> > Yes it is, you just want to use th edocument function. To follow an html link you'd have something like
> > <xsl:template match="a[@href]">
> >   <xsl:apply-templates select="document(@href)"/>
> > </xsl:template>
> > [...]
> > You use xlink in your source, and follow the xlink with document().
> Ok, that is understood. But I think something like
> document(@xlink:href/xpointer(id('mark'))) isn't possible, or am I
> wrong? I would like it more to have only to 'pick up' the elements I
> need from the target document and not the whole document. In my opinion
> it would be more elegant doing it that way ;-).

 well some could consider that bloating the language too :-)
But I think the baseline is that XPath became a W3C REC more than
one year ago, while none of XLink/XPointer is yet a REC (<grin/>
and I have tried everything to get this faster !). Once XLink and
XPointer will get more widely deployed coming with detailed suggestion
to the XSL working group will be the most efficient way to get such
extensions considered for inclusion.

> > > I don't know what XSLT processor (or library) you're referring to.
> > Ah, he'll be upset now:-)

  Nahh, I'm for diversity :-)
BTW do other processors support at least the #name fragment ID
in document() (or more complete implementations) ?

> That was not my intention :-). Perhaps someone can tell me about the
> previously mentioned tools or provide a link or two.

  It's in C so I understand it's not your environment.


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