RE: [xsl] creating hyperlinks of xmls

Subject: RE: [xsl] creating hyperlinks of xmls
From: Meltem Kogelbauer <meltem.kogelbauer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 17:05:14 +0100
I don't quite follow your problem. I just assume that you are having a
looping problem but I am not sure. Can you provide the XSL style sheet?


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Subject: [xsl] creating hyperlinks of xmls

I am trying to form an xml for archiving important links.
The xml looks something like this:

<title>Title of Link</title>
<abstact>A little abstract here</abstract>
<keywords>keywords, hints, tips, tricks</keywords>
<title>Title of Link2</title>
<abstact>A little abstract2 here</abstract>
<keywords>keywords2, hints2, tips2, tricks2</keywords>

For the xsl I can manage all but the line that generates
<a href="myfile.txt">Title Of Link</a>

Of course, taking into my prior question, which xmlns should I use with your

Sorry to ask simple questions, but thats where I am so far!
Thanx from Istanbul,

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