RE: [xsl] XSL & Popup Windows

Subject: RE: [xsl] XSL & Popup Windows
From: Bryan Tulloch <b.tulloch@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 11:28:19 +0100

I've worked this one out, thanks. Wasn't anything to do with the xsl,
problem was caused by some JavaScript.

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Subject: RE: [xsl] XSL & Popup Windows

Could you give some examples of your XSL and XML etc? And the HTML code you
get in the browser, and the code you would like? (condenced if course!)

I use popup windows for some of my projects, and there have been no problems
that I've experienced like this.

Tim Watts

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Subject: [xsl] XSL & Popup Windows

I am generating a popup window that is linked to an xsl file rather than an
html file. The parent window itself is generated by an xsl file also. The
popup has a number of text and select inputs. For some reason, the text
inputs are not accepting any input from the keyboard and the selects are not
displaying their pulldown menus. When I try the same thing using a link to
an html file, it works - is there some peculiarity of xsl that could be
causing this?

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