RE: [xsl] Table Building Problem

Subject: RE: [xsl] Table Building Problem
From: Meltem Kogelbauer <meltem.kogelbauer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 10:52:57 +0100
Is that what you want to have as output?

<table border="1">
		<td>First Module</td>
		<td>First Version</td>

Or more than this?


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Subject: [xsl] Table Building Problem


I've run into some difficulty with creating a table based on two separate
trees of xml in the same document. The first one looks like this:


Note: There are more than just two record0/FIELDNAME values...there could be
as many as 20.

The next bit of xml looks like this:

			<Name>First Module</Name>
			<Name>First Version</Name>
			<Name>Bug Count</Name>
			<Name>Bug Color</Name>

What I need to do is create the column headings from the first bit of xml
and populate from the second bit of xml. Doing the first part is no problem,
populating the table, however, is a different animal altogether.

I've looked over xsl:key and thought that might be helpful, but I won't know
the values to insert into the key until the xml is generated.

Any ideas here? Help would definitely be appreciated and save me from
banging my head against the wall any further.



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