[xsl] XSLTUK-01 slides

Subject: [xsl] XSLTUK-01 slides
From: "Sergej Rinc" <sergej@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 00:33:19 +0200
  I have put shortened and translated presentation about XSLTUK-01
conference here:


  Since I've had to explain topics even to some that haven't seen a source
code of HTML pages before I had to include photos of presenters :-). These
are taken and resized - photos not presenters - from two allready published
photo galleries (I've included credits) and I've added some photos made by
me. Just don't crash my webserver! For exact info about additional session
material please turn to XSLTUK-01 organizers - these slides are really brief
session summaries only and a reminder for those who attended a conference.

  Original Powerpoint presentation is NOT available. I was forced to use
Powerpoint (I actually use DemoShield or DHTML) ... talk about valid HTML
code in Powerpoint 97 export. Basically I had tweaked HTML code of text
versions of slides - for returning back I suggest using these - a little but
will not make any modifications more unless someone writes me about errors
or complains about the content. And do see XSLT FAQ and/or ask experts on
this list for more and don't contact me for XSLT questions - that way only
15 people and not all list members can be angry on me ... Anyway, it was a
very enjoyable event and I am looking forward for that young red (french)
wine at Keble again.

  Oh yes, it would be useful that someone makes a page with links to any
additional info from presenters which is not on CD-ROM or in Preprints.

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