RE: [xsl] Avoiding disable-output-escaping

Subject: RE: [xsl] Avoiding disable-output-escaping
From: "Michael Kay" <mhkay@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 11:23:39 +0100
> I try to generate JSP from XML. In these JSP´s, I need output
> tags like this one:
> <sw:hpath startscan="0" endscan="100" startpath="2" />

Just write the following in your stylesheet, making sure the namespace is

<sw:hpath startscan="0" endscan="100" startpath="2" />

> How can I get such an expression without disable-output-escaping?

Why do you think you need disable-output-escaping for this?

> Additionally I dont want to describe such a tag in the XML
> file. Instead I
> have to write it somewhere in the XSL.

Good, that's what I suggested.
> At the moment I use the following to avoid horribly escaped
> expressions to
> include hardcoded parts of markup:
> I defined a namespace
> xmlns:ext="http://de.sitewaerts.futuna.test.XSLIncluder"; that
> references a
> java class. This class has a method named getXmlInclude(key)
> that looks in
> another XML File, searches the passed key and returns the
> value for that key

No need to do that in Java, you can do it in XSLT. Look for the document()

> from a lookup in an external XML file that looks like this:
> 	<env-entry>
> 		<env-entry-name>JSPHeader</env-entry-name>
> 		<env-entry-type>java.lang.String</env-entry-type>
> 		<env-entry-value><![CDATA[
> 		<head>
> 			<sw:base target="_UNTEN" />
> 			<title><sw:cv key="name" /></title>
> 			<sw:meta />
> 			<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"
> href="styles/content.css"/>
> 		</head>
> 		]]></env-entry-value>
> 	</env-entry>

Ah, you've got a problem there. The CDATA section is telling the XML parser
to treat the stuff inside it as text rather than as XML, so you lose all the
benefits of using XML markup. Why are you doing this?

Mike Kay
Software AG

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