[xsl] Applying template conditionally

Subject: [xsl] Applying template conditionally
From: Xiaocun Xu <xiaocunxu@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 09:20:59 -0700 (PDT)

  Now the problem I am trying to solve just became
more complicated. :(
  The source XML document will now have 3 distinctive
sections: the first section is RFQ contains one header
and one detail rows; the second section is Extended
Attribute Definition contains one header and multiple
detail rows; and the third section is LineItems
contains one header and multiple detail rows.
  For each of the 3 distinctive sections, I need to
apply a different template.  The two ways I was
thinking of using are:
1. find the position() of the header rows, and apply
the appropriate templates only to the rows with
position inbetween the headers.  The question I have
is how can I find the position() of the header rows?
The query I use to find the header row is:
	<xsl:variable name="RFQHeader"
select="book/sheet/range/row[cell[1] =
'OrganizationCode' or substring(cell[1], 2) =
2. a domino approach.  Each time upon finding the
header row, apply the appropriate template to
following-siblings.  The problem I see is how can I
stop applying one template when I found the next
header row?  Is this way feasible at all?
  Any other suggestions to handle this problem more
effeciently?  Much appreciated for any suggestions and


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