Re: [xsl] dropdown box - style !! urgent

Subject: Re: [xsl] dropdown box - style !! urgent
From: xslshyam@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 28 Apr 2001 04:09:56 -0700
Sorry if I failed to express the queston properly.

It is something like this.

I have to set the width of the dropdown box which is created thru the xsl  file.

Normally in html we give like this
<select style="width:100">

But here In xsl how will I set this width ??

I need to assign the value of "MaximumLength" to the width attribute.


On Sat, 28 April 2001, Dan Diebolt wrote:

> >Here for setting the width for the combo box normally I should give
> >"style=width:<MaximumLength>". But how will I make an xsl attribute
> >"style=width:"
> >and how will I assign this length to the above attribute ??
> It is dificult to understand what you are asking without parsing
> out a lot of non-essential detail. However, I am guessing you
> need an attribute value template (AVT) to place MaximumLength
> into an attribute you are forming as a literal:
> <something  attribute="{MaximumLength}"/>
> Please try and frame your question so we don't have to parse a
> bunch of clutter.
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