[xsl] import-apply-param etc?

Subject: [xsl] import-apply-param etc?
From: "Koray Berk" <berkk@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 09:16:29 +0200
Hello Everyone,
This time my question is a little more complex and here it goes.

In my xsl I have constructed a tag set for defining tables:

	<Name> Table Name </Name>
		<ColumnHeader> Col 1 </ColumnHeader>
		<ColumnHeader> Col2 </ColumnHeader>
			<RowContent> R1 C1 </RowContent>
			<RowContent> R1 C2 </RowContent>
			<RowContent> R2 C1 </RowContent>
			<RowContent> R2 C2 </RowContent>

Now I want to put my first set of rules on a basic xsl (first one):

	<xsl:template match="Table">
			<xsl:value-of select="No"/><br/>
			<xsl:value-of select="Name"/><br/>
			<xsl:apply-templates select="ColumnHeaders"/>
			<xsl:apply-templates select="Rows"/>

Where the templates of ColumnHeaders and Rows are taken care of and they
work nicely.
Now, I want to put all formatting information on another xls (second one).

So I figured out, I "import" this standard(first) xsl to a second xsl on
which I define color and font attributes and so forth.

However I am clueless about how I am going to this task.

In short:
I want the "border" attribute of the html <table> defined in the <Table> of
the simple xsl, on the format xsl (2. one)
Could I make myself clear?

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