[xsl] Combined PERL/XSLT genetic algorithm

Subject: [xsl] Combined PERL/XSLT genetic algorithm
From: Juan Julian Merelo Guervos <jmerelo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 10:40:55 +0200
	It's me again... Check out at

the new version of the combined XSLT/Perl genetic algorithm; the
population evolves each generation using indistinctly XSLT (via saxon)
or PERL (which uses XML::Simple to read the XML file that specifies the
population). The CGI uses XML::LibXSLT and XML::LibXML for presenting
the XML along with its meaning.

	Very soon: what I intend to do with this, and the full code release
(which is available under request, anyways)

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