Re: [xsl] error xsl/java

Subject: Re: [xsl] error xsl/java
From: "Brais" <brais_gz@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 17:24:59 +0200
> > "Error unknown protocol: c:
> This means you have used a filename beginning c: in a context where a URL
> expected. (A filename is not a URL, despite the fact that much Microsoft
> software accepts filenames whereever a URL is required).

 I only use the java code of "", and it doesn't appear any
filename beginnig c.
 The filenames that I use are: discos.xml, a-html.xsl, discos-html.css and

What filename could be?

pd: when I do the transformation with saxon, from the command line, it
happens the same error; but if I use the processor iXSLT that error doesn't

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