Re: [xsl] Retrieving XML document's name

Subject: Re: [xsl] Retrieving XML document's name
From: Matt Sergeant <matt@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 03 Jul 2001 08:51:42 +0000
On 03 Jul 2001 00:16:35 +0100, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> John Putman writes:
>  > This is probably pretty simple, but I couldn't find the answer in the
>  > archives or books... how can you retrieve the name of the XML file that you
>  > are transforming?
> you can't. after all, it may not be a file at all.

If this was the XSLT designer's thinking on this, surely it's mistaken.
Even if it's *not* a file, you have to have given a URI to the resource,
so you should be able to retrieve that. I bet you could write an
extension function to do it.


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