[xsl] Internet Explorer application error when viewing xalan-generated webpage

Subject: [xsl] Internet Explorer application error when viewing xalan-generated webpage
From: P.Vogt@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 10:30:57 +0200

  I'm using xalan (the commandline-version) to generate HTML-Webpages. 
Some colleagues are using Internet-Explorer 5.0 to view the website on a 
Win2k system. When surfing the website they suddenly get an application 
error which states, that iexplorer.exe crashed, because memory "xyz" 
referenced "zzz" and couldn't read from that address. They only get this 
on the websites which were generated by xalan.

  Now I was wondering if some of you experienced similar problems and 
(more important) found a solution to the problem. Perhaps it's because, my 
designer uses <xsl:copy-of ....> to copy the content of some xml-tags into 
the resulting html-code (to preserve the <b> and <br>-tags) but it doesn't 
happen every time! (Sometimes everything functions without problem for 
minutes and suddenly they get an application error)....

(I'm sorry, that I couldn't attach a sample-page, but it seems like it 
isn't allowed to send a mail with an attachment to the list).



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