[xsl] test if string contains an apostraphe

Subject: [xsl] test if string contains an apostraphe
From: Heather Lindsay <heather.lindsay@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 15:27:11 -0400
	I am trying to test if a string contains an apostraphe but am unable
to get the contains() function to work with it.  Ordinarily to test if a
string contains some text you would have:
	<xsl:if test="contains($string,'text')"> where the text you are
testing for is in single quotes.
Along those lines, I tried:
	<xsl:if test="contains($string, ''')"> which gave me the following
org.apache.xalan.xslt.XSLProcessorException: pattern =
'not(contains($string, ''')'
misquoted literal... expected single quote!

	I tried it with double quotes around the substring <xsl:if
test="contains($string, "'")"> but this is not well-formed XML.
	I also tried it like this: <xsl:if test="contains($string, &apos;)">
and <xsl:if test="contains($string, '&apos;')"> but got exceptions like the
one above.

Has anyone done anything like this?

Thanks in advance,

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