Re: [xsl] need an "&" in my text!!!Please help!

Subject: Re: [xsl] need an "&" in my text!!!Please help!
From: "Thomas B. Passin" <tpassin@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 17:47:21 -0400
[Vijay Rao]

> Ya that is true many people gave me answers but none
> of them gave me a solution.My problem still persists.
> I need an & to be displayed as in "Special Terms &
> Liabilities" on a tab in HTML page.Now when i tried
> putting & the parser for xml did not allow me so i put
> &amp; in my xml but at my xsl when i selected this
> value i said disable-output escaping ='yes' but it
> still seems to output &amp; so the text i get is like
> this "Special Terms &amp; Liabilities"

That's exactly how it's supposed to work.  In HTML, you must use &amp; or
some other escape for the character.  It ***will*** display as the "&" sign,
which seems to be what you want.  Example:

<html>This is an &amp; sign</html>

Load that into a browser and it will display the "&" sign just fine.  It
will NOT display "&amp;". Of course, if you look at the file with a text
editor you will see "&amp;", but it will display as you want.

In a url within an HTML attribute, you also must use &amp;,  as people have
been telling you.  It will function correctly as the target of a hyperlink.

Tom P

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